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CyberSecurity Dive

CISA explains how to apply secure-by-design principles

The focus should be on what manufacturers are doing to keep their customers safe, not the damage attackers might be inflicting, CISA’s Bob Lord said.

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Security Affairs

CISA adds Sophos Web Appliance bug to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog

US CISA added 3 vulnerabilities (tracked as CVE-2023-36584, CVE-2023-1671, and CVE-2023-2551) to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog.

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The Hacker News

Cisco Zero-Day Exploited to Implant Malicious Lua Backdoor on Thousands of Devices

🚨 Cisco issued an alert about a new zero-day vulnerability in IOS XE (CVE-2023-20273). Attackers are actively exploiting it to install malware.

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Prove Identity Snags $40M Funding for ID Verification Tech

Startup with roots in the ecommerce mobile payments space raises $40 million for digital identity verification and authentication technology.

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The Record

Cisco: Hackers targeting zero-day found in internet-exposed routers

The vulnerability carries the highest severity score possible of 10 and would “grant an attacker full administrator privileges" of the affected router.