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Ukraine intelligence takes credit for Russia’s aviation agency hack

It is quite rare that a state openly boasts of an offensive cyber operation – but Ukraine did just that, announcing a hack of Russia’s civil aviation agency.

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Trend Micro

Insights from Trend Micro's 100 Profitable Quarters

Learn what 100 straight quarters of profitability means to a Trender who has been here for every one of them.

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Cyber Security News

Trend Micro Zero-day Vulnerability Let Attackers Run Arbitrary Code

Recent reports indicate that an arbitrary code execution vulnerability has been discovered in a third-party Antivirus uninstaller module of Trend Micro Apex One.

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Bleeping Computer

Trend Micro fixes endpoint protection zero-day used in attacks

Trend Micro fixed a remote code execution zero-day vulnerability in the Trend Micro's Apex One endpoint protection solution that was actively exploited in attacks.

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Trend Micro Patches Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability in Endpoint Security Products

Trend Micro has patched CVE-2023-41179, an Apex One zero-day code execution vulnerability that has been exploited in attacks.